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Bienvenue à Uppercrust!

Visit us during our store hours from 8 am until 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. 

We are an artisan bakery, all of whose products are made by hand on the premises and presented on the day they are made or baked.  But it isn't just the freshness that is important to us.  We try to present breads, croissants, pastries, and bistrot foods that are just delicious and whose textures are wonderful.

We offer a full wine-tasting every Saturday, 12 - 4 pm.  We select a weekly theme and feature wines from a small coterie of very special wine importers, as well as a sampling of our own bakery products.  

We feature an assortment of gift options including interesting French glassware, linens, fetching hand-made olde-fashioned European cooky molds, ceramics, luxury food products, and unusual wines.  We can also custom-create a gift basket to your liking.

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